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Pen and ink.

For sale: $50
For sale: $50
For sale: $25

My first go at a caricature. Oakhorse from Drawingboard.org.


I have created a profile on artbistro.com and would like to invite any and all who are interested to join me. It's a community geared towards creative individuals.


My profile. 


I've made some buttons! Check 'em out!

I promise I'll update more frequently once things have settled. I have a tonsillectomy in a couple of weeks, and am planning a move to Houston shortly after that. I'm desperately trying to find employment in a city four hours away. I have a family reunion for the Fourth of July, which is compounding the complexity of my current situation.




Working Away

Life's good.

So long January

I hope everyone's new year has started well. I know mine certainly has.
School and work have kept me busy, and I'm already behind after a mere 2 weeks! That situation will be remedied this weekend.

A picture of me fooling about on an iMac.

Warm greetings for a friend in Virginia.

I put pen to paper and this large-lipped missy appeared.

A bright little mouse for my cousin.



I added some new photos to my Flickr. They're from September of 2008, I only recently picked them up.


Thoughts Aquatic

Still more mail art pieces! I'm almost caught up.

(An array of art prints and greeting cards featuring this Octopus are available at Redbubble.)

Fish Hair


I'm still working on creating and sending out thank you cards and art to those who sent me well wishes over the holidays. Here are a couple I completed today:

(Greeting cards featuring my drawing of grass are available at Redbubble.)

thank you Poppies
(Greeting cards and matted prints featuring the thank you Poppies are available at Redbubble.)

 I've done a couple of others but didn't get a chance to scan them in.